1 Week to Go – European Under 19 Semi Final

With one week to go until the European Under 19 Semi Final preparations are well and truly underway.

Taking place on the 14th of August, it’s being held at the historical Czech republic track of Pardubice.

As with any sport, to be able to represent your country on an international level is a major honour so Jason is delighted to have this opportunity.

In order to qualify for the final, held on Sunday (16th August) at the Slovakian track of Zarnovica, Jason must qualify in the top 7 of his semi-final.

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The track in Pardubice – Photo copyright Zdenek Flajshanz

As mentioned, Pardubice is a famous and historic track in speedway terms because it holds the coveted ‘ Golden Helmet’ meeting annually attracting some of the world’s best every year as well as a round of the Under 21 World Championship.

The track itself is 400m, so a lot bigger than most of the tracks in the UK, but it will definitely be a big learning experience, which will undoubtedly help Jason in the future.

Jason in action last year. Photo copyright: Wojta Foto CZ

It will take roughly 17 hours to reach the track, that’s just over 850 miles. with that being said we’d just like to thank everyone that has stepped up and supported the trip because it really makes a big difference. If anyone else would like to help, in any way, shape or form, it would truly be appreciated and make a massive difference.